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You can find set of various models of toys in our shop on radio control, such as machines, helicopters, planes, boats. Radio control toys is an excellent entertainment not only for children, but also for adults. Everyone will find something interesting. Each child would like to feel the racer, easily to operate the car, helicopter or plane. You can present your child this possibility, having bought a toy on radio control. Thereby you present to the child many happy hours, having done its favorite thing. You will provide the child pleasant and a useful occupation for long time. With experience at skills of management of such toys later your child can make difficult maneuvers of which you can dream only. Games with radio-controlled models allow not only spend time and receive a great peace of pleasure but as well develop coordination, thinking, reaction, attentiveness and speed of decision-making that is very useful for the general development of the child.

For adults – toys on radio control, it is possibility to remember the carefree childhood, to relax and distract from house or working routine, having received thus many smiles, emotions and pleasant impressions. Radio-controlled models carry away, after all each time skill and experience grows and it is possible to carry out more and more difficult elements, receiving thus even more pleasures. It is easy to take pleasure by playing on machines with friends, children, neighbors or even organize big competitions in a management skill of operating helicopter or plane. It is possible to arrange competition… thus passion, the passion of rivalry, heat of emotions and pleasure of victories to you are guaranteed. Machines, helicopters, planes, boats on radio control are modern toys which won't leave indifferent anybody, they draw attention and cheer up. All our radio control toys are made from qualitative and safe materials and have a convenient and effective control panel. Use it very simple and pleasant. If you will use it correctly they will serve to you long and will bring you many joyful and cheerful minutes. more...